The Alaghodaro Summit Series (Edo State Investment Summit) is an initiative of His Excellency; Governor Godwin Obaseki led administration, which opens up the government reform agenda that have created opportunities for prosperity, driven by Edo people and the State’s increasing investors, to public and private engagements with government, non-governmental and none State actors in ways that demonstrate the awareness of the Obaseki administration to the all-inclusive nature of governance in the twenty-first century

Since the maiden edition of the Alaghodaro Summit Series, in 2017, which marked the first year anniversary of the Godwin Obaseki led Government, it has become an annual event held to mark the anniversary and it gives the opportunity to interrogate and challenge conventions that impede progress of the reforms, with a view to correcting them.

In 2019, this initiative, (Edo State Investment Summit) was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission as “Alaghodaro Economic Summit LTD/GTE”, in order for more private sector engagement and support while implementing the articulated recommendations from the summits in a sustainable manner.

The maiden edition (Alaghodaro 2017) themed “Envisioning the Future” brought together, top Nigerian and international business leaders, investors, bankers, industry experts, policymakers and the academia to set the agenda for development, in a bid to re-engineer the economy of Edo State towards a better future for its citizens.

The 2017 Summit also explored opportunities for local and foreign direct investments in Edo State by highlighting the State’s competitive advantage across various sectors for sustainable economic growth, as well as facilitate job-creating business investment into the State.

Key areas of focus included Institutional Reform, Economic Development, Social Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, and Art, Culture & Tourism.

The 2018 edition of Alaghodaro, themed “Edo of Our Dreams: Investing in Our People”, focused on the “Edo People” and showcased how the State is designing and implementing policies, programs and initiatives to improve the lives of the people, engender inclusive growth and enhance law and order.

The focus was on three basic areas: Job creation, Education (basic and technical education training) and Primary Health Care.

The third in its series, Alaghodaro 2019, Themed “Delivering to Our People: The Next Level”, created an interactive platform for the leaders to share insights and perspectives, strengthen business partnerships and reaffirm their collaborative commitment to transform Edo State into the desired investment destination while showcasing the cultural wealth of Edo people.

The key objectives of the Summit were:

  • Undertake a prudent inventory of the key achievements of the Obaseki administration;
  • Evaluate the progress in delivering to the people and its impact on the citizens of Edo State;
  • Underscore the importance of sustaining the development agenda instituted in 2016; and
  • Develop a clear outline and framework for the next steps from 2020 – 2024.

The 2020 edition of Alaghodaro, themed “Making Edo Great Again” focused on the State’s delivery on promises in education, health care, and job creation policies and programmes implemented by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration.

Recommendations from each of the summits on infrastructural development, educational reforms, healthcare reforms and the civil service reforms, to mention a few, are being implemented in the State as we speak.